Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"What to Wear With This?"

Often, I find myself in a very awkward place, when dealing with my wardrobe. Having watched a lot of “What Not to Wear”, and coveting the wonderful make-overs that are gifted to these very deserving women (I could handle Stacey and Clinton for a $5,000 shopping spree). Sometimes I think, perhaps I could just start dressing so badly, that my friends would feel utterly compelled to sign me up. Obviously, I couldn’t go that far; not only would my children, who dressed as Stacey and Clinton one year for Halloween, be petrified, but I’d have to do it for a while, and my husband might actually go crazy during the life of this experiment. No, this is definitely not the answer.
My biggest problem right now is this, I’m stuck right in between two different eras in my life. My 20’s are about over, and my 30’s are very quickly on their way. I’ve never had a problem embracing my 30’s, in fact, for a long time I tried to act as if I was in my 30’s so much, that I had to force myself to act and dress more like I was in my 20’s. I really need to find a balance between the two. I still want some of the funky, bold, glam, of being young, yet I want to be classy and elegant too. Is this not every woman’s thinking? Maybe not, but I will feel this way for a long time still.
Currently, I am in a rut of doing the same thing, with the same clothes, over and over and over again. I mix it up with my accessories a bit, but I am fully aware of the items I don’t wear and of the clothing that is sitting in my closet that is just taking up space. I always hear that a woman can’t have too many purses, or too many pairs of shoes, or too many (insert type of accessory or clothing item) whatever. I think I would have to disagree. If I don’t wear them, or love them, then they have no right to be in my closet; however, I could really use some inspiration for my favorite pieces. Plus, purging these unwanted items can then leave room for new items I fall in love with, hopefully, leaving only things that I absolutely can’t live without, making my wardrobe simply fabulous!
Because of this, I decided that I needed to start a new little segment in my blog called, “What to Wear with This?” I will post some of my favorite pieces, or even pieces I am contemplating purchasing, and you ladies can help me to think of different ways to wear these, colors to match with it, which shoes or accessories to put with them, etc. I will also follow up, posting anything I find in my search. I know several of you haven’t signed up to be members, so you can’t comment, but now would be a great time to do so. This is going to be fun and educational for us all. Please comment with any of your ideas.
I can’t wait, so, on that note here are two of my favorite pieces, that I need help with. Not only can I not figure out what to do with them, but I haven’t even worn them in about a year, because of it. I love the colors, and the shapes, so I don’t want to get rid of them. Besides that, I love a good blazer. They do so much for your outfit and your shape. I just need some ideas of things to pair them with. So, what would you do with them? What colors would you put with these colors? What accessories or shoes would you put with them?


  1. I love your post, but this is so NOT my area of expertise. lol But I will happily read all about it.

  2. Hey there fashion friend:) First of all I love this idea! The Maroon blazer is awesome! Your complexion and hair and perfect for it. Something I thought of Immediately was to change the buttons on it. That alone would change the whole look of it. Either gold or silver and something that blings or has a lot of detail and stands out. If you want to get even a little crazier you can add black lace over the collar and the pocket flap to give it even more pizaaz! After that it's pretty easy. I love mustard yellow with this,black,white, gold, silver, and even a certain kind of dark turqoise. I would wear a simple plain colored shirt and either a scarf with some diamond or pearl studs or a top with any of thoses colors and some larger earings:) Black pants or Jeans work awesome with this! Yay

  3. I like the changing the buttons idea. I did that recently to a cardi and it turned out great. Kat, your fashion smart!


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