Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"What I Should Wear"

Not that I am one to stick with the rules, but when I tend to follow these guidelines, I look and feel way better. By the way, this info is coming from what I've gathered from "What Not To Wear" shows, and a website I love called Missus Smarty Pants. I am going to go through what she calls a closet purge, which she offers how to do for free on her website, and I think I'm going to re-order her 3 season package. I've ordered it before, and really loved the information she gave. Here's her link:

Apparently, I have a cute curves body type, or hourglass figure, and whether I'm larger, or smaller, it will always be an hourglass. Also, bright and bold colors tend to look best on me. So, here are the things I have learned so far.
• Bold Colors (fall jewel tones)
• Bright Colors (summer brights)
• Watch my proportions
-Not too heavy on top
-Not too heavy on bottom
• To Create an Hour Glass Silhouette:
-V Shaped tops
-Define the waist
-Wear bold jewely/shoes
-Wear a structured jacket, that nips in
-Use a vibrant color underneath to draw the eye
• Buy Jeans in a Dark Wash
-fit the largest part of the body
-leg line extends from the widest part of the leg

There you have it. Just some basics. Hopefully, this can help someone else as well. I'm excited to get going on this journey again. It's fun and a passion of mine. I'm really excited to see what this looks like on a budget too. If I find any good tips, I'll pass them along, and I'm sure others will do the same.

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