Saturday, November 20, 2010

Clearly, I haven't posted on here for a while, and I have done a multitude of crafts, which I was posting on Facebook instead of on my blog, including our Halloween Costumes. I'm definitely planning on doing a better job at posting on my blog from here on out. I'm really excited about a couple of projects I've got going on right now. A few teacher's gifts, so I won't show those until they're given. A few home made gifts for my neqhew's and nieces (some that were adopted into our family). I'm going to be working on a few Holiday decorating projects and a lighting craft that I am super excited about. I'm also trying to incorporate my children into my crafting more, which was completely inspired by Michele Klundt, who not only is amazing at planning wonderful activities for her children, but she also helped me in updating my blog as well.

Anyways, crafting with my kids has been the best! I'm truly loving this! My kiddos have been cooking with me, sewing, painting, needle working, etc. It really has been great! They're learning how to make very useful and fun things!

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