Sunday, November 28, 2010

Annual Target Gift Registry Date!

Our family has come to love this tradition!! We eat out. The kids scan. It's a ton of fun!
We started this tradition, because every year the grandparents would call and ask us what our kids wanted for Christmas. I would tell them what I thought, and often times was completely off.
I'd have them ask the kids, but Chrystian doesn't talk much, and Byanca couldn't always remember what she wants. Plus, when they would tell them, there were often times the grandparents would have no idea what they were talking about. "What's a PSP?" they would ask, and it's very difficult to explain. This was our solution.
We don't expect everyone to buy from Target, we just like that we can let the kids loose, and they can scan what they wish, and we can put sizes for clothing, and shoes. Our family is always happy to be able to pull this up online or print it out at Target. The kids know they're not going to get everything, but it's very fun to dream! For us, its all about the experience!

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