Monday, December 23, 2013

Star Wars Chocolates!!

Yep, those are all the supplies.  Really, that's it!!
Hehe, we made Geeky Chocolate Novelty Gifts!! In the Star Wars form-to be exact!! It was lots of fun to do, plus it was pretty easy!! Best of all, we get to give the chocolate gifts, and guess who gets to keep these awesome ice molds??? That’s right, US!! Woot woot!! We definitely have a pretty awesome beverage station building up. This just adds to our fabulous soda stream, and the fun things I plan on doing to it with my birthday money!! I will add pics when it’s done, but for now, I had to share these fun gifts!! Thanks Think Geek!!

A little Death Star and Millennium Falcon anyone?

Microwave the chocolate for 40 seconds. Stir.  Repeat, and then:  Mmmmm!!!  Soooooo Creamy and Chocolatey!!

Spoon the soft chocolate into its mold.

We added oreos to the bottoms of the Millenium Falcons, so they would hover :-)

The Death Star required a bit more sophistication.  So we used a quart sized baggie as our piping device of choice!!

And then we just piped away!!

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