Friday, April 16, 2010

Unusual Knitting Bag!!

Upcycling is awesome! I saw the idea of upcycling old magazines to make a really pretty purse on someone's blog not that long ago, and unfortunately I can't remember where I saw it. Anyways, I really wanted to give it a try. Tomorrow, is one of my friend's birthday, and her daughter mentioned that all her knitting stuff ended up spilling out at the beach over spring break and getting all wet. That is when the light turned on. I could make her a knitting purse.

Amazingly, I designed the pattern from a paper grocery bag. I had a couple of game board boxes sitting around because we reorganized our board games, getting rid of all the boxes. I demolished one and duct taped it together to make it fit in the bottom giving it a really strong bottom. More upcycling for ya!

My kids slaved for me to cut out these little squares from brochures of things to do around Oregon and Washington. Yet again, more upcycling! I covered that with vinyl. The seams are covered by purple duct tape. The handles are simply thin rope that I twisted different colored duct tape around, and I braided them together. I glue gunned those on, and covered those seams with purple duct tape hearts, which is fitting since this purse was made with love.

The features of this purse are a couple of pockets, a place for long knitting needles, grommets in the front of the purse to run your thread through, and really cute details. I love it! It's definitely not perfect, but I learned a lot from it, and I'm excited to possibly do some more, and I'll be able to fix those things next time.

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  1. Such an amazing piece! You did a fabulous job! Congratulations on the blog by the way. Now we can be blog buddies!


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