Monday, March 29, 2010

So, here's another old project. I'm kind of bummed. I thought we had gotten pictures before we put the guitars, and family picture over it. Oh well. I was really inspired by the color scheme on one of my hubby's t-shirts, and a sermon that had been done pretty close to when I did this about different way's to worship God, and how everything we do in life is a way of serving God. Anyways, I wanted to portray that in this piece of art. There are a few things you probably cannot make out easily on here, and perhaps I will take closer pics at a later time. First, I used the little sign people (you know, the ones on the men's and women's bathroom doors in public places) to portray a few different ways to worship. On the top left I have a band playing, next to that I have a skate boarder doing a sequence of tricks. In the top right corner, I have someone praying, and getting down on his knees, and in the bottom right corner, I have a ballering doing a sequence of dance moves. I also have 1 Corinthians 10:31 (just the verse reference) written on there. You should look it up-it sums my picture up perfectly. And then a couple random items: tattoos, stars, "Praise God", paint splatters, etc.

Oh, yeah, so I suppose you would probably like to know how I made it. It's the same as the table I made in my kitchen. I double layered a couple of Ikea boxes, free-handed the shape, cut it out with a boxing knife, and taped it together with masking tape. I hear using box tape from the U-haul company works the best, but I used what I had on hand, and it worked just fine. I probably wouldn't use duct tape, or clear packing tape as they wouldn't give the same painting texture. Then it took a couple coats of the grey for my background, and I just painted what I wanted.
There were a couple of things to note about this project. One, when working with a piece of this magnitude, the box did have some tendency to try to warp. I didn't worry about this too much, because I knew that once I nailed it to the wall, it would take on the shape I wanted it to. Also, it seemed best to paint the background color in sections. Otherwise, this really was a simple project, and its another great alternative to adding color on the walls when you're not supposed to. Hope you enjoy!!

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